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Calgary Math Courses For All Grade Levels

Although many students say, “When will I ever use this?!” math is truly a part of our lives and helps us develop our critical thinking skills. Calgary Home Tutoring tutors can help with all levels of math from basic math facts to calculus.

Curriculum Description

At Calgary Home Tutoring, we work with Alberta's Math Curriculum and focus on what the student is currently working on in school. We often take a step back to build up skills from a lower grade level if there is that need. Many students are behind grade level. We try to find a balance of keeping the student up to date on what they are doing currently, while also working on skill catch up. 
Elementary | Grades 2 - 6
Basic math facts which include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. 
As well as counting money, estimating, decimals, fractions and percentages.
Junior High | Grades 7 - 9
Square root
Linear equations and graphing
High School | Grades 10 - 12
Math -1
The Math -1 route is designed to prepare students for post-secondary programs that require advanced math skills or calculus.  
Topics include: sequences and series, trigonometry, quadratics, rational expressions, radical expressions, absolute value and reciprocal functions, systems of equations, and inequalities.
Math 10C
Math 10C (Combined) is the starting point for the -1 and -2 math course sequences. Mathematics 10-C is the introductory course for high school mathematics.
Topics include: measurement, trigonometry, polynomial factoring, exponents, and relations and functions.
This course prepares students to enter the -1 and -2 sequences of high school mathematics. After completion of this course the student can then decide on which sequence is the best fit for them.
Math 20-1
This course is designed for students who require the skills necessary for entry into post-secondary programs that require calculus. 
Topics include: algebra and number; relations and functions; and trigonometry.
Math 30-1
This course continues the -1 sequence. 
Topics include: relations and functions; trigonometry; and permutations, combinations, and binomial theorem.
Math 31
Math 31 is a highly advanced course designed for students entering post-secondary programs that recommend or stipulate it as a program requirement. 
Students should have taken math 30-1 prior to enrolling in math 31. On occasion students will take math 30-1 and math 31 in the same semester. 
A more conventional route is math 30-1 in the first semester followed by math 31 in the second semester. This is an extremely beneficial course for students who’s post-secondary program includes calculus or a higher level math. 
Curriculum consists of precalculus and limits; derivatives and derivative theorems; applications of derivatives; integral theorems and integral applications.
Math -2
The Math -2 route is designed to prepare students for diverse post-secondary programs in health, arts, business, and technologies. 
Topics include: inductive and deductive reasoning, properties of angles and triangles, trigonometry, radicals, quadratic functions, quadratic equations, and proportional reasoning.
Math 20-2
This course is designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical thinking skills identified for post-secondary programs that do not require the study of calculus. 
Topics include: geometry; measurement; number and logic; relations and functions; and statistics.
Math 30-2
This course continues the -2 sequence. 
Topics include logical reasoning; relations and functions; and probability.
We offer flexibility to fit our Math tutoring services to your needs. We offer competitive rates, don't require long term contracts and won’t try to sign you up for large packages of hours that the student may not need. Contact us today to discuss your particular needs.

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Calgary Home Tutoring helps students of all ages, levels and subjects, based on Alberta's Curriculum.
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