3 signs your child needs a science tutor

January 12, 2021

It’s not uncommon for children to find a test or science curriculum challenging. In fact, a challenge can be a good thing to help strengthen skills and encourage learning. However, there is some specific behaviour to look for that indicate a child needs help beyond what they’re given. 

The question is - when is it time to look for a science tutor in Calgary? Watch out for these telltale signs. 

Why science tutors are important for your child

Why science tutors are important for your child

Sign #1: Your child is spending more time on homework without positive results

While it’s normal to spend an hour or two on homework, if you notice that your child is spending several hours on the same work, they might be having trouble understanding the information. 

With subjects like science, the concepts build on one another. If your child does not understand one concept and the teacher moves on to the next concept the following class, the frustration can build to the point where they begin to feel discouraged. Science tutoring can help them get back on track and catch up to the curriculum. 

Sign #2: Your child is not managing their time well 

If you notice that your child, who is usually diligent about handing in their work on time, is beginning to postpone projects and hand in homework late, it can be a sign of a bigger issue. An occasional delay is normal, but constant procrastination may indicate that they’re not understanding the work and lack the motivation to learn. 

When children begin to shut down and stop trying, it’s usually because they’ve become so frustrated and discouraged that they give up. Science tutors in Calgary help with understanding concepts and provide tips on how to manage time and homework. 

Sign #3: Your child expresses anxiety about school 

It’s normal for children to feel bored, distracted, or want to stay home for a day from school. But if your child is consistently anxious about going to school, expresses stress before each test, or becomes defensive when you offer help, there may be an underlying issue. 

When a students’ impulse is to hide rather than ask for help, it’s usually code for “I don’t get this.” A science tutor can help guide them through each topic away from the pressures of a school environment and their peers.

Final thoughts

If you suspect that your child can benefit from extra help, trust your gut. You know your child best, and a parent’s intuition is powerful. Seeking the help of a science tutor in Calgary helps a child become more confident and self-assured.


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