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Personalized TutoringThe success of our students is also our success.

All of Calgary Home tutoring tutors are personally interviewed and screened by myself. Calgary Home tutoring recruits tutors who have a passion for teaching. They may be current, training, or retired teachers. They have degrees or are currently completing degrees with experience tutoring. The success of their students is also their success and this position is not just a job to a great tutor. The ability to teach, mentor and have a huge impact on a young persons life is truly a calling and a gift. I don't agree with the saying "those who can do and those who can't teach".  None of us would be where we are today without great teachers!

When you reach out to Calgary Home Tutoring for help with a certain subject we will assign a tutor who enjoys and is excited about teaching that subject, as well as being familiar with that specific curriculum.
We are a trusted team member of  several city of Calgary youth programs 

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All of Calgary Home Tutoring specialized testing tutors are experienced with the test material they are teaching. We will not just assign a tutor who has experience tutoring Alberta math curriculum for SAT or ACT math tutoring. They must have experience teaching SAT or ACT math test material.
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At Calgary Home Tutoring, we work with Alberta curriculum and focus on what the student is currently working on in school. We often take a step back to build up skills from a lower grade level if there is that need. Many students are behind grade level. We try to find a balance of keeping the student up to date on what they are doing currently, while also working on skill catch up. 

We also focus on test prep such as SAT, ACT, GRE and SSAT. Our test prep tutors are specialized and experienced with the exams.

Calgary Home Tutoring can help post-secondary students who are currently upgrading a high school level course. We can also help students with post-secondary level math and English courses. We strive to have tutors available who are familiar with post-secondary level courses as knowledge of the curriculum in your course is crucial. Give us a call and we will be happy to help!   
Calgary Home Tutoring helps students of all ages, levels and subjects, based on Alberta's Curriculum.
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  • "I have worked with Leanne through Calgary Home Tutoring for over a year, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience. She is an inspiration to me in terms of her dedication and the effort she puts towards helping students succeed. Working for her company has also allowed me to pursue my passion of tutoring and teaching others. Students have benefited from the detailed practice that the company provides, either through worksheets, assignments, practice questions, or exam review booklets. Compared to other companies in Calgary, there is a more focused approach towards tutoring students since we act as a mentor for students as well as their tutors. Leanne’s company also focuses on assigning tutors to individuals who match students’ individual needs, while tracking their progress to ensure that the student has continued support. As tutors, we are able to guide students towards a learning pattern that they can make use of independently and at higher levels of education as well as their current levels of education. In my future career as a physician, I would hold this as a valuable opportunity to have worked with students of diverse education backgrounds, from lower grades to high school. I am very grateful to have contributed towards their success in school through Calgary Home Tutoring."
    - Sharon Rao
  • "Over the course of the two years that I spent tutoring for Calgary Home Tutoring, I was able to see my students grow leaps and bounds. I believe this is possible due to the relationship that is built between the tutor and the student. It is always exciting to see a shift in the mindset of the students where they become invested in learning. This usually occurs when students are able to find a connection in applying the things they learn to their daily lives. As a tutor, it makes me proud to see how my students grow, going from struggling to understand the material, to being able to explain concepts and give examples. For me, the point of tutoring is to support my students in their academic growth and to help them find their strength in working with the curriculum material. All students learn differently and all students can learn as long as we, who are their tutors, find a way that works for them".
    - Jessica Nguyen
  • "As a full-time university student, working for Calgary Home Tutoring has been a perfect match to fit my busy schedule. I am able to work as many hours as I want to and I have the flexibility to work at the times that work for me. The job is also very rewarding as you are able to see the impact you make in each student’s academic life almost immediately."
    - Jesse Hunjan
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