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The study of social sciences teaches our youth to be informed, responsible, open-minded and active members of society. In social studies we learn about ourselves. This includes Canada’s diverse cultures, our history, democracy, economics, government, environment, geography and so much more. We also learn about societies located outside of Canada. This knowledge helps shape our young people to be well informed about the world around us.

Curriculum Description

At Calgary Home Tutoring, we work with Alberta's Social Studies Curriculum and focus on what the student is currently working on in school. We often take a step back to build up skills from a lower grade level if there is that need. Many students are behind grade level. We try to find a balance of keeping the student up to date on what they are doing currently, while also working on skill catch up. 
Elementary | Grades 3 - 6
Foundations of Alberta and Canada
Democracy and economic systems
Junior High | Grades 7 - 9
Foundations of Alberta and Canada
Democracy and economic systems
High School | Grades 10 - 12
Social Studies 10-1
In SS 10-1 students will explore multiple perspectives on the origins of globalization and the local, national, and international impacts of globalization on lands, cultures, economies, human rights, and quality of life.
Social Studies 10-2
Explore historical aspects of globalization as well as the effects of globalization on lands, cultures, human rights, and quality of life. 
Social Studies 20-1
Explore multiple perspectives on the origins and influence of nationalism on regional, international, and global relations.
Social Studies 20-2
Explore multiple perspectives on the origins and influence of nationalism on regional, international, and global relations. 
Social Studies 30-1
Examine theories of politics and economics in democracy, socialism, capitalism, and fascism. 
Study European history since 1919 and the influence of Europe on the rest of the world. 
Research current affairs.
Social Studies 30-2
Students will explore the origins and complexities of ideologies. 
The political and economic spectrum is the focus of the entire course. 
Case studies such as the rise of dictatorships and the Cold War illustrate the differences of the political and economic systems. 
Using real world examples of current events enhances student understanding of the material covered in class.
We offer flexibility to fit our Social Studies tutoring services to your needs. We offer competitive rates, don't require long term contracts and won’t try to sign you up for large packages of hours that the student may not need. Contact us today to discuss your particular needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Social Studies Tutor provide In-Person and Online tutoring?

Yes. Our Social Studies tutors are available for in-person and online tutoring. We work around your busy schedule and can meet you in person at your home or online. If online is more convenient, we can connect via Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime.

Do you follow Alberta’s Social Studies Curriculum?

Yes. Our dedication to your child’s academic growth is showcased by our alignment with Alberta’s Social Studies curriculum. At Calgary Home Tutoring, we ensure our Social Studies timetable is in accordance with Alberta’s standard for educational development.

What "teaching style" do your Social Studies Tutors use?

At Calgary Home Tutoring, our Social Studies tutors’ tutoring style concentrates on your child’s existing school curriculum. In addition, we emphasize lower grade-level development (if your child is falling behind academically). This aim is achieved by balancing your child’s current studies while supporting them in retaining their skills from past education.

Are your Social Studies tutors located in Calgary?

Yes, our Social Studies tutors are based in Calgary. We have experienced and qualified tutors available for both in-person and online training.

Will I have the same Social Studies tutor each time?

If the match is a good fit, yes. Sometimes, however, a particular tutor-student pair-up isn’t a good match. If such is the case for your assigned tutor, simply contact us, and we will ensure a new tutor is designated for your child. 

How much does Social Studies tutoring cost?

The price range of a Social Studies tutor varies. Generally, the price can fall between $20/hr - $100/hr, depending on your child’s needs and what you’re looking for in a tutor.

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