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We are surrounded by science. It’s in the computer you are on right now, the thunderstorms that chase us indoors, the baseball that flies through the air and drops into the catcher’s mitt, the trees that offer us shade from the hot sun, and science is us and all living things. Calgary Home Tutoring tutors are excited about science and love to feed the curiosity of young minds. They can also help with those tough scientific concepts found in higher level courses.

Curriculum Description

At Calgary Home Tutoring, we work with Alberta's Science Curriculum and focus on what the student is currently working on in school. We often take a step back to build up skills from a lower grade level if there is that need. Many students are behind grade level. We try to find a balance of keeping the student up to date on what they are doing currently, while also working on skill catch up. 
Elementary | Grades 3 - 6
Scientific investigation
Life and living things
Energy and change
The earth and beyond
Mechanical systems
The environment and technology
Junior High | Grades 7 - 9
Scientific investigation
Life and living things
Energy and change
The earth and beyond
Mechanical systems
The environment and technology
High School | Grades 10 - 12
Science 10
Develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge common to all sciences. 
This course consists of four units. Students will study key concepts of energy, matter, and change within the contexts of biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences focusing on the climate and environment.
Science 20
This course is designed to cover topics related to transfer of energy and matter. 
Student’s investigate plate tectonics, chemical changes, and Newton’s Law’s.
Science 30
This course is designed to cover the fundamental concepts and skills common to biology, chemistry, and physics. 
Students investigate how living systems respond to their environment, chemistry in the environment, electromagnetic energy and energy and the environment.
Biology 20
This course includes the topics of biosphere, ecosystems and population change, cellular respirations and photosynthesis, and human systems including nutrition and the digestive system, circulatory system and immunity. Respiratory system, excretory systems, and the motor system.
Biology 30
There are four major areas of study in Biology 30. These include the nervous/endocrine(hormone) systems, reproduction and development, cell division, genetics, molecular biology, and population and community dynamics.
Physics 20
The main focus of this challenging course is to develop an understanding of the physics of motion through experiments and mathematical models. The major science themes developed in this course are change, energy, equilibrium, and systems. The major concepts allow connections to be drawn among the four units of the course.
Physics 30
Diversity of matter and energy are the predominant themes in this course. As in physics 20, students will continue to develop their independent problem solving and critical and creative thinking skills. Master concepts related to momentum and impulse, electromagnetic radiation, forces, and atomic physics.
Chem 20
The major science themes developed in this course are matter, change, systems, and diversity. The major concepts allow connections to be drawn among the four units of the course.
Chem 30
The themes of change, energy, matter, and systems are studied in terms of thermochemical changes, electrochemical changes, organic chemistry, acids, bases, and equilibrium.
We offer flexibility to fit our Science tutoring services to your needs. We offer competitive rates, don't require long term contracts and won’t try to sign you up for large packages of hours that the student may not need. Contact us today to discuss your particular needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Science Tutor provide In-Person and Online tutoring?

Yes. Our Science tutors are available for both in-person and online tutoring. We can meet you in person in the comfort of your home or online via Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime. Our Science tutoring services are aligned with Alberta’s Science curriculum, taught by experienced tutors, and delivered at your convenience.

Do you follow Alberta’s Science Curriculum?

Yes. Our curriculum is aligned with and follows Alberta’s Science curriculum. At Calgary Home Tutoring, our commitment is to your child’s educational development. For this reason, we ensure our Science modules are on par with Alberta’s standard for academic growth.

What "teaching style" do your Science Tutors use?

At Calgary Home Tutoring, our Science tutors’ teaching style focuses on your child’s current school curriculum. We instill lower grade-level skills if your child has fallen behind in their performance. This outcome is reached by finding the equilibrium of ensuring your child is “current”  with their present studies while also helping them catch up on (and retain) previous educational training they may have forgotten.

Are your Science tutors located in Calgary?

Yes. Our tutors are conveniently Calgary-based. And what’s more, they are available for in-person and online training for your child’s Science-related educational development. 

Will I have the same Science tutor each time?

Yes, you will. Your child can enjoy (and build a connection with) the same Science tutor. However, this doesn’t mean permanence. If, for example, no bond is formed and the tutor-student connection remains absent, other Science tutors are available. Notify us if you feel the pair-up is not working, and we will assign a new tutor as soon as possible.

How much does Science tutoring cost?

Science tutor costs will be based on a few factors, such as the expertise and experience of the tutor and your child's needs. But the general range can start at $20/hr to $100 (or more) a session.

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