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Whether you are a young student just learning to read, write and count or you are a high school student struggling with calculus concepts in Math 31, Calgary Home Tutoring has a tutor for you! Our tutors specialize in all grades and subjects. When you reach out to Calgary Home Tutoring for help with a certain subject we will assign a tutor who enjoys and is excited about teaching that subject as well as being familiar with that specific curriculum.
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Grade 10: math 10C (-1), math 10-3
Grade 11: math 20-1, math 20-2, math 20-3
Grade 12: math 30-1, math 30-2, math 30-3, also grade 12 pre-calculus math 31
All the math 10 20 30 will also have math AP and IB.
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Grade 10: Eng 10-1, Eng 10-2
Grade 11: Eng 20-1, Eng 20-2
Grade 12: Eng 30-1, Eng 30-2 

All English grades have AP and IB.

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Grade 10: Science 10 (4 units Physics, Bio, Chem are main units, and 1 little unit in
Environmental Science)
Grade 11: Science 20 (will contain all units like science 10), Bio 20, Chem 20, Physics 20
Grade 12: Science 30, Bio 30, Chem 30, Physics 30
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Grade 10: Social studies 10-1, SS 10-2
Grade 11: SS 20-1, SS 20-2
Grade 12: SS 30-1, SS 30-2 

Also AP and IB for all grade levels.

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Calgary Home Tutoring can help post-secondary students who are currently upgrading a high school level course. We can also help students with post-secondary level math and English courses. For university level test prep we can help with the math and verbal section of the GRE exam. We strive to have tutors available who are familiar with post-secondary level courses as knowledge of the curriculum in your course is crucial. Give us a call and we will be happy to help!

Learning Disabilities

We offer services for kids with LD’s and codes: ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia (math). Kids on IPP’s at school (Individualized Program Plan). 

Contact us today to discuss your particular needs.

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With over 15 years of experience, we have worked with a large number of students and their families, tutors, teachers, schools, social workers, and police officers. We know our curriculum very well, as well as requirements for acceptance into post secondary institutions. 

Tutoring is all 1-1. We work personally with the students and get to know their families. In some cases quite well. We are providing this service for a reason, and if those needs are not being met it is our job to make sure we fix that.
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All of Calgary Home Tutoring specialized testing tutors are experienced with the test material they are teaching. We will not just assign a tutor who has experience tutoring Alberta math curriculum for SAT or ACT math tutoring. They must have experience teaching SAT or ACT math test material.
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