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We help students achieve the skills they will use forever! Improve grades, get caught up to grade level, master how to learn more effectively with study skills, memorization skills, test anxiety, and more.
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Calgary Home Tutoring

We provide tutoring for all grades and subjects, focusing on school age children. We offer tutoring in the home, giving families more convenience than having to go to a

With our personalized service, we strive to increase the student’s confidence in the subject(s), as well as confidence in taking tests, and just a general feeling of getting it! The increase in confidence spills over into other areas of the student’s life and is quite powerful. 

Successful tutoring requires hard work from everyone involved in the process, from tutors to the parent and student as well as the teacher. Team work to success!

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Our Subjects | How Can We Help?

At Calgary Home Tutoring we work with Alberta curriculum and focus on what the student is currently working on in school. We often take a step back to build up skills from a lower grade level if there is that need. Many students are behind grade level. We try to find a balance of keeping the student up to date on what they are doing currently, while also working on skill catch up.  

We also focus on test prep such as SAT, ACT, GRE and SSAT. Our test prep tutors are specialized and experienced with the exams.

Calgary Home Tutoring can help post-secondary students who are currently upgrading a high school level course. We can also help students with post-secondary level math and English courses. We strive to have tutors available who are familiar with post-secondary level courses as knowledge of the curriculum in your course is crucial. Give us a call and we will be happy to help! 
Please select one of our subjects and grade level to learn more:     
Math Tutoring


Although many students say, “When will I ever use this?!” math is truly a part of our lives and helps us develop our critical thinking skills. Calgary Home Tutoring tutors can help with all levels of math from basic math facts to calculus. 

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Reading Tutoring


Some kids struggle with the process of learning to read and that can turn this exciting time into frustration and fear. Tutoring can help the student strengthen their reading skills and understanding of what they are reading. We want to make reading fun again!
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Writing Tutoring


From the basics of first learning to spell simple words to putting those words into a sentence with proper punctuation to writing a three page essay we have you covered! Our tutors can help with all levels of writing skills.

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Science Tutoring


 We are surrounded by science. It’s in the computer you are on right now, the baseball that flies through the air and drops into the catcher’s mitt, and science is us and all living things. Calgary Home Tutoring tutors are excited about science and love to feed the curiosity of young minds. They can also help with those tough scientific concepts found in higher level courses.
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Social Skills Study

Study Skills

Study skills is a broad term that can be broken down into several areas such as organization, memorization, time management, and test anxiety. Strengthening these skills should always be part of everyday tutoring tailored to the student’s needs.

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We offer flexibility to fit our services to your needs. We offer competitive rates, don't require long term contracts and won’t try to sign you up for large packages of hours that the student may not need.  Contact us today to discuss your particular needs.
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Home Tutoring | At Your Convenience.


With over 15 years of experience, we have worked with a large number of students and their families, tutors, teachers, schools, social workers, and police officers. We know our curriculum very well, as well as requirements for acceptance into post secondary institutions. 

Tutoring is all 1-1. We work personally with the students and get to know their families. In some cases quite well. We are providing this service for a reason, and if those needs are not being met it is our job to make sure we fix that.
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TestimonialsHear From Our Clients

  • "Thanks again for all your years of excellent service and help, you are at the top of my list for recommendations."
    - Glenda
  • "Thanks again for all your help with Megan. You have already really helped with her confidence in a very short time period. We look forward to working with you again in the fall."
    - Leslee
  • "I just wanted to say thank you again for providing the best tutor possible for Steven. I hope he realizes how important Michael was to Steven's success. He  started with 29% finished his final exam with 74% and completed his course with 60%. We'll take it! You have a very committed tutor."
    - Trish
We are a trusted team member of  several city of Calgary youth programs
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