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Do I have to commit to a certain amount of hours or time?

Our minimum amount of tutoring time per session is 1 hour and we don’t believe in long term contracts or the required purchase of large packages of hours that you may not need.

If the tutor isn’t working out for my child can we request a new tutor?

Yes. We do our best to match your child with a tutor who will be a great fit for them but sometimes people just don’t connect. It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just the way it is. Any concerns with the tutor should be brought to my attention and I will assign another tutor who is a better match for your child as soon as possible.

Sometimes when I have a problem it takes me several tries to finally reach someone who can help me and it’s always a different person. Is your tutoring company operated like that?

Calgary Home tutoring is all about personalization so besides your tutor, I will always be the only one you will contact if there are any problems or concerns.

My child has tried other organizations for school help in the past and they did use Alberta curriculum but also had their own program that they used quite a bit. He found that to be quite overwhelming and confusing. Do you stick completely to our curriculum and what he is learning at school?

Yes, the tutors will follow the Alberta curriculum only. We also encourage conferencing with your child’s teacher if you request that. It is all part of the team work. I am happy to conference with teacher’s as well as the tutors.

Does your program offer flexibility with test prep?

Everybody’s needs are different when it comes to test prep. Some of the questions I will ask you are:

How much time do we have before the exam will be written? 
Has the exam been previously written and if so, what was the score? 
What sections of the test does the student require help with? 
Has the student been doing lots of independent prep or has he/she not started with any prep yet?

Once I have all of the information needed we will figure out together what would work best to achieve your goals.

Is tutoring right for my child?

Tutoring can be beneficial for any student. Working with a personal tutor allows your child to get the tailored assistance they need to succeed. Tutoring is an excellent choice for students:

  • With hectic or overlapping schedules
  • Who require special attention on a one-on-one basis
  • Have bold score-advancement ambitions
  • Learn in a particular manner
  • Are worried or nervous about tests
  • Are distracted easily
  • Have little preparation time before the next test

Is tutoring worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it! The tutoring cost corresponds with the teaching quality and the degree of valuable customer service you’ll obtain. In addition, tutoring is customized according to your child’s strengths, difficulties and style of learning. Our tutors will meet with you and your child based on your schedule.

Is your teaching program tailored to individual students?

Yes. At Calgary Home Tutoring, we understand children learn and process information at their own pace. That’s why we adjust our tutoring programs to them rather than the other way around. This process allows for a better learning environment for your child and enables progress to occur more quickly.

What subjects do your tutoring services cover?

At Calgary Home Tutoring, we cover the multiple levels of the four primary subjects taught from elementary to high school:

  1. Math
  2. Science
  3. Language arts
  4. Social studies

Math Courses

Does your Math Tutor provide In-Person and Online tutoring?

Yes. Our math tutors are available for in-person and online tutoring via Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime. We make it easy for your children to get the one-on-one support they need for academic success.

Do you follow Alberta’s Math Curriculum?

Absolutely! As a tutoring resource dedicated to developing our students, we follow the educational standards set by the Alberta Math curriculum. This adherence ensures each student is equipped with the knowledge and training to reach their academic goals.

What "teaching style" do your Math Tutors use?

Our math tutors offer an accommodating teaching style. This tutoring method ensures your child is familiar with their lower-grade educational concepts (if it’s needed) while also teaching them new skills from their current grade-level curriculum. And through this balance, your child will remain “current” on their math skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Are your Math tutors located in Calgary?

Yes. Our tutors are Calgary-based and available for in-person and online training for your child’s educational development. Here are some benefits of a local tutor:

  • Faster results
  • Better tutor-student communication
  • Tailored instructions for improvement
  • Your child’s needs become a priority
  • Easy access to your tutor 
  • Personalized tutoring support

Will I have the same Math tutor each time?

Yes. If the designated tutor is a good match for your child, you will have the same tutor. However, if things aren’t working between our tutor and your child – for whatever reason – simply notify us, and we will appoint a new tutor to you.

How much does Math tutoring cost?

Math tutoring prices can vary. It all depends on your child’s specific needs and requirements, as well as the tutor’s skill level and experience. But generally, you can expect a math tutor to be priced at $25 - $50/hr.

English Language Arts Courses

Does your English Tutor provide In-Person and Online tutoring?

Yes. Our English tutors are available for in-person and online tutoring via Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime. So you and your child can now enjoy our high-quality tutoring services at your convenience. 

Do you follow Alberta’s English Curriculum?

Yes. We are committed to your child’s educational growth and development. For this reason, our tutoring services are in alignment with Alberta’s English Curriculum. Our adherence to this Curriculum ensures your child is provided with the right educational training to reach the academic success they’re aiming for. 

What "teaching style" do your English Tutors use?

Our English tutors offer a customized teaching style to foster your child’s learning. This tutoring approach provides your youngster with the opportunity to learn new ideas while also brushing up on old concepts. If required, we return to previous grade-level concepts to refresh old ideas that may have been forgotten. This strategy is coupled with learning new information; through this balance, your child remains “up-to-date” on their English studies. 

Are your English tutors located in Calgary?

Absolutely! Our English tutors are based in Calgary and offer in-person and online tutoring for your child’s English training needs. Here are a few advantages of working with a local tutor:

  • Better communication
  • Instant feedback 
  • Prioritization of your child’s learning needs
  • Accessibility 
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Quicker results

Will I have the same English tutor each time?

If the connection is there and a good working relationship is developed, yes. However, we understand this doesn’t always happen. So if your child and our tutor seem incompatible for a working relationship, please inform us, and we will designate a new tutor for your child.

How much does English tutoring cost?

English tutoring costs can fluctuate widely. This fact is due to various factors such as the tutor’s skill level and subsequent experience and your child’s specific English requirements. But a general guideline can be anywhere from $15/hr - $150/hr or more. 

Science Courses

Does your Science Tutor provide In-Person and Online tutoring?

Yes. Our Science tutors are available for both in-person and online tutoring. We can meet you in person in the comfort of your home or online via Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime. Our Science tutoring services are aligned with Alberta’s Science curriculum, taught by experienced tutors, and delivered at your convenience.

Do you follow Alberta’s Science Curriculum?

Yes. Our curriculum is aligned with and follows Alberta’s Science curriculum. At Calgary Home Tutoring, our commitment is to your child’s educational development. For this reason, we ensure our Science modules are on par with Alberta’s standard for academic growth.

What "teaching style" do your Science Tutors use?

At Calgary Home Tutoring, our Science tutors’ teaching style focuses on your child’s current school curriculum. We instill lower grade-level skills if your child has fallen behind in their performance. This outcome is reached by finding the equilibrium of ensuring your child is “current”  with their present studies while also helping them catch up on (and retain) previous educational training they may have forgotten.

Are your Science tutors located in Calgary?

Yes. Our tutors are conveniently Calgary-based. And what’s more, they are available for in-person and online training for your child’s Science-related educational development.

Will I have the same Science tutor each time?

Yes, you will. Your child can enjoy (and build a connection with) the same Science tutor. However, this doesn’t mean permanence. If, for example, no bond is formed and the tutor-student connection remains absent, other Science tutors are available. Notify us if you feel the pair-up is not working, and we will assign a new tutor as soon as possible.

How much does Science tutoring cost?

Science tutor costs will be based on a few factors, such as the expertise and experience of the tutor and your child's needs. But the general range can start at $20/hr to $100 (or more) a session.

Social Studies Courses

Does your Social Studies Tutor provide In-Person and Online tutoring?

Yes. Our Social Studies tutors are available for in-person and online tutoring. We work around your busy schedule and can meet you in person at your home or online. If online is more convenient, we can connect via Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime.

Do you follow Alberta’s Social Studies Curriculum?

Yes. Our dedication to your child’s academic growth is showcased by our alignment with Alberta’s Social Studies curriculum. At Calgary Home Tutoring, we ensure our Social Studies timetable is in accordance with Alberta’s standard for educational development.

What "teaching style" do your Social Studies Tutors use?

At Calgary Home Tutoring, our Social Studies tutors’ tutoring style concentrates on your child’s existing school curriculum. In addition, we emphasize lower grade-level development (if your child is falling behind academically). This aim is achieved by balancing your child’s current studies while supporting them in retaining their skills from past education.

Are your Social Studies tutors located in Calgary?

Yes, our Social Studies tutors are based in Calgary. We have experienced and qualified tutors available for both in-person and online training.

Will I have the same Social Studies tutor each time?

If the match is a good fit, yes. Sometimes, however, a particular tutor-student pair-up isn’t a good match. If such is the case for your assigned tutor, simply contact us, and we will ensure a new tutor is designated for your child.

How much does Social Studies tutoring cost?

The price range of a Social Studies tutor varies. Generally, the price can fall between $20/hr - $100/hr, depending on your child’s needs and what you’re looking for in a tutor.

If I have any other questions or concerns not answered here, who can I contact?

Our commitment to high-quality customer service is a priority. If you have a question or concern your tutor cannot answer, or that isn’t answered here, contact us directly by:

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  • "I just wanted to say thank you again for providing the best tutor possible for Steven. I hope he realizes how important Michael was to Steven's success. He  started with 29% finished his final exam with 74% and completed his course with 60%. We'll take it! You have a very committed tutor."
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