4 Effective Ways Students Can Improve Their English Language Arts Grades

March 5, 2024

English Language Arts (ELA) is a core subject that enriches a student’s understanding of the world and communication ability. However, ELA can be tricky to navigate. But don’t worry - there are many ways you can improve your grades, including seeking the guidance of an English language arts tutor to help.

Here are four ways to effectively help students improve their ELA grades.

Diversifying Reading Materials 

Relying on textbooks can limit a student’s exposure to English literature and language. Some students will also find textbooks very dry, which may discourage them from reading. To encourage reading, here are other materials students can look into:  

  • Fictional novels 
  • Poetry 
  • News articles  
  • Digital content 
  • Non-fiction books
  • Magazines
  • Comics and mangas
  • Playscripts

Diversifying reading materials broadens a student’s literary horizon. This will introduce them to different writing styles, vocabulary and conversation styles. It can also lead students to read more, which is highly encouraged, for it will increase their understanding and appreciation of the subject. 

Embracing Different Writing Styles

The best way to excel in ELA is the ability to express yourself clearly, effectively and creatively. Students are encouraged to read different materials and experiment with different language and sentence structures in their writing. Here are some different styles that students can practice:

  • Narrative
  • Creative
  • Objective
  • Poetic
  • Technical
  • Persuasive
  • Descriptive

By practicing writing in various styles, it will help the student become versatile writers down the road.  

Active Engagement and Practice

Improvement in ELA does not come from passive learning; it is an active engagement that requires consistent practice. Students should take advantage of every opportunity to practice their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions, write daily journal entries, look up words they do not understand or present their ideas to help boost their grades. 

Another way to improve ELA grades is learning to break down reading assignments into something more manageable. This will allow students to focus on understanding and analyzing the text in depth. By doing this, students can improve their comprehensive and critical thinking skills. 

Hire an English Language Arts Tutor 

Receiving help from an English language arts tutor with one-on-one attention and customized teaching methods can help a student overcome challenges and succeed. Tutors not only help with academic support but also give motivation and encouragement. Sometimes, students need more than just academic help - they need someone who encourages them to keep trying and supports them emotionally. 

In a world where teachers do not have the bandwidth to look after each student due to bigger class sizes, it’s essential to have a tutor who offers all kinds of support beyond academics. 

A Hands-on Approach to Improvement  

Improving grades in ELA requires a hands-on approach that includes consistent practice, reading various materials and developing different writing styles. Students may find it all overwhelming, but having an English language arts tutor will alleviate that feeling. Tutors will offer the guidance and support that is needed to achieve success. 

Calgary Home Tutoring offers private English tutors for grades 3-12 who are dedicated to fostering a deep, lasting appreciation for the language and are committed to supporting students on their path to success. 

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