5 benefits of an online English tutor

November 18, 2020

Educational landscaping is changing. More people are relying on online tutors and taking advantage of the convenience and innovation that technology provides. While tutors have traditionally taught students face-to-face, online English tutoring presents unique benefits for both the student and the teacher. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of hiring a private English tutor in Calgary.

1. You learn more skills 

Most online English tutoring modules require students to work with shared documents and whiteboards. This process inadvertently refines web-based competencies and computer skills; skills that are covered by future employers and are valuable tools to have in the workforce.

2. You have access to online tools

One of the main concerns about online tutoring is that it won’t have the same impact on the student as face-to-face learning. Thanks to technological advancements, there are many online platforms available that enhance the process and keeps students engaged. 

Some of these tools include:

    • Whiteboards that allow students and teachers to share images, examples, and visual information.
    • Shared documents for easy collaboration and real-time edits.
    • Video recording that lets students go back to the lesson on their own time. 

Students can also take advantage of other online resources such as dictionary.com, thesaurus.com, and word editing tools to improve their work.  

3. You can take part in interactive lessons

The early days of online tutoring included emails back and forth, chatrooms, and a rather time-consuming learning process. Today, there is no shortage of digital tools that make online learning more interactive and engaging.

Students join classrooms where they can video chat with peers, learn on interactive boards, and partake in quizzes that promote healthy competition. Some online classes often become more engaging than traditional classrooms because of the innovative tools we have at our disposal.

4. You have more options for quality private English tutors in Calgary

Tutors often have busy schedules and are fully booked. With online tutoring, you have access to more tutors across the world. You can find the right tutor that fits your learning style and who has the right subject knowledge. 

5. You can enjoy the convenience of learning from home

With online English tutoring, you have no travel time and can learn in the comfort of your own home. Students avoid the stresses of being stuck in traffic and come ready to learn. By eliminating the commute, both students and teachers save money and have more time to study and prep lessons.

Furthermore, most online English tutoring modules allow students to complete coursework on their own time. The ability to learn at your own pace produces better results and a more positive experience. 


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