5 Benefits of Online SAT Tutoring

October 1, 2020

Tutoring is traditionally known as face-to-face interaction with teachers and students. In recent years, the landscape of tutoring has changed drastically. The methods of education have adapted to the digital age and include sophisticated online tutoring that continues to evolve and improve.

Online SAT Tutoring

Online SAT Tutoring

Today, we’re talking about 1-1 online tutoring for SAT test prep and five key benefits that it provides.

1. Personalized education

Much has been said about online tutoring lacking the advantages of personal 1-1 education, but this view can be challenged by highlighting the innovation that new technology offers. The early phases of online tutoring included low-quality video conferencing, time-consuming emails, and document sharing that lacked the ability for real-time collaboration.

Today, online SAT tutoring utilizes innovative whiteboards and file sharing to create a more personalized experience. Online tutors can demonstrate work and even use algorithms to suggest practice problems specific to what skill the student needs to build on. Students can go back and re-watch videos, ask questions via email, and schedule a video call for a 1-1 review.

2. Convenient

One of the top reasons why individuals and families choose online tutoring is for the convenience it provides. The extra time commuting to in-person SAT test prep quickly adds up to hours that can be devoted to studying and reviewing. Without the frustrations of traffic or unpredictable road conditions, students are in a better headspace to learn.

Additionally, travelling raises the cost of tutoring; regardless if it’s the student or the tutor travelling. Tutors add in the cost of travel into their rates and of course, if you’re the one commuting, you’ll need to factor in the cost of gas or public transit.

3. Responsive feedback

To build on new skills effectively, the practice must be deliberate and focused. This includes employing the guidance of an expert who can quickly identify and correct mistakes. With an in-person SAT test prep, practice questions are often graded and reviewed days after. An online tutoring session allows the teacher to see work done in real-time and provide written or video explanations to rectify the error. When the information is fresh, students can grasp corrections better and apply it accordingly.

4. Self-Paced

One of the biggest advantages of online SAT tutoring is that lessons can be recorded and available for review at a later time. With in-person classes, it’s often a missed opportunity unless the same class is offered again at a later time. Online tutoring allows the student to review the material again as much as they want and at their own pace.

5. Productive

Online SAT tutoring comes with well-organized coaching that is suited to the needs of the learner. Unlike a coaching centre or a classroom with a teacher supervising the session, online tutoring is a more productive use of time. The customization with 1-1 experience is an effective approach that lets both teacher and student focus on an exclusive subject matter.

Final thoughts

SAT test prep has always been enhanced with personal support. Online tutoring is no different. Students who receive 1-1 education tend to perform better than those who don’t.


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