5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Kids’ Study Skills

June 9, 2022

Every child must schedule time for studying. It is a quintessential aspect of child development that will help them to cultivate their talents, learn basic reading and writing skills, and yes, improve their academic performance. Study skills for kids are vital, as such, they should be developed if they are to yield the potential benefits. 

And that’s why we here at Calgary Home Tutoring are committed to aiding children in this area with personalized tutoring services. But if you’re interested in learning how to enhance your child’s school performance, then keep reading to learn the 5 ways to improve your kids’ study skills.

1. Add Structure & Organization

If you hire a Calgary tutor to improve your child’s academic performance, one of the first things they’ll do is provide your little one with a sense of structure and organization. Why? Because this type of management encourages efficiency and clear thinking, which then contributes to effective learning.

At Calgary Home Tutoring, we provide experienced in-house tutors who can help your child organize their schoolwork – and as a result – improve their performance. 

2. Improve Memory

Many times, it can seem like new information goes in one ear and out the other for your youngster. And quite frankly, it’s not their fault. People in general learn through repetition. Rare it is that we hear or see something for the first time and commit it to memory. Remembering certain facts and concepts takes time and exposure. 

As one of the more important tutoring study skills, memorization is taught via a myriad of methods. Activities such as taking notes, printing off charts and diagrams, or even simply reading out loud the important passages of books can help commit the information to memory.

3. Eliminate Cramming

While it may seem like a traditional method, cramming is not very effective for a multitude of reasons. 

  1. It adds unnecessary pressure: If your child is cramming for a test or exam, more than likely, there is a tremendous amount of anxiety associeted with that increased level of activity. This is because they know they’re behind and that they’re unprepared. This only serves to hinder their performance come test day.
  2. It makes learning more difficult: Stress and worry typically flood the mind of a student attempting to cram. As such, their focus and concentration levels are impeded – consequently – they don’t absorb as much information as they would have if they were calm and relaxed while studying. 
  3. It’s the worst way to study: When cramming, an excessive amount of information is overloading your child’s brain, this makes it challenging to compartmentalize everything: Facts get mixed up, dates get confused, and answers become entangled with one another. All of this simply creates mental fog and will ineivtably result in a poor performance. 

In order to circumvent these outcomes, Calgary Home Tutoring works side by side with your child so that there’s no need for cramming. We will ensure they learn everything they need in order to feel confident in their abilities come test day. 

4. Enhance Effectual Reading 

Reading is one of the most important skills any child can learn. That’s why we put such a heavy emphasis on the development of this ability. Our tutors help students with their reading skills by teaching them to read for a plethora of reasons. You can read for entertainment, education, or even just to relax. 

By understanding the myriad of purposes for reading, they can better harness their ability to spot certain phrases or passages that can be useful to their studies. This is what allows them to become both a more effective reader and learner. 

5. Remove Distractions

The world is a noisy place. This rings true for adults and kids alike. However, kids don’t always have the same level of self-discipline as adults. This means your child may need your assistance to improve their study habits. And one of the most effective ways to do this is to eliminate distractions.

Set up a boundary that will reduce distractions such as:

  • Social media
  • TV
  • Netflix
  • Video games
  • Texting

During study time, ensure these distractions are put away. Other tips that could help your child focus are creating a study playlist of relaxing music, rewarding good behaviour with treats or snacks, etc. 


Encouraging your child’s study skills really comes down to creating an environment that is conducive to that activity. This means removing distractions and optimizing the surrounding area. Once these simple objectives are met, the process itself becomes much easier.

However, if you still feel like you need assistance, we can help. At Calgary Home Tutoring, we house a team of experienced and passionate tutors specializing in all kinds of subjects from math and science, to English and social studies. 

Be sure to get in contact with us today to learn more about how we can help your child develop better study habits.


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