6 tips to beat the time limit on the SAT reading

April 13, 2021

The idea of beating the clock on the SAT test is something that most people can do, however many people fail to answer all the questions by the skin of their nose. There are many students in the Calgary area that do not have the knowledge, tools, and resources to complete the SAT on time however there is the opportunity for them to take prep classes. According to statistics, 80% of people complete the test when 20% don’t make it in time. It can be right down to the second to beat the clock for most.

If you choose to write the SAT, you can complete the test in less than 3 hours. If the essay portion is taken, it will take 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete.

SAT tutoring centre

SAT tutoring centre

Daily practice is important. Daily practice comes in many forms regardless of whether you are studying for the deadline for an upcoming exam, want to answer practical questions quickly, or do better than if you had taken the full practice test. If you are having a hard time practicing on your own or would like to ensure you are studying the correct way, you look at attending an SAT tutoring centre.

Below is a list of practical test resources that will help you when you start studying for the SAT. You should also know the rules and instructions for each section before you read it so you don't spend any valuable time reading all the rules.

Write out your work

  • Write out every step of your work. Although you may be tempted to do mental math to get your answer, it’s suggested to take your time taking the proper steps to understand the problem before providing your answer. Work out each math problem by writing each step and ensure your answers are correct before you give it.

Embrace taking your time

  • Sometimes there are faster ways to solve problems that are tried and true but on your test day, do not look for shortcuts, but rather embrace the way you know to solve the problems.

Practice the basics

  • The basics are important. Practicing them every day for a few months at least will ensure you get better time on the SAT reading. Practice all the basics in all the different subjects that the SAT includes and that should speed up your time.

Learn to recognize common math principles

  • The more math principles you have memorized, the faster you will be and the better you will do. Be sure to memorize the math principles for all different math platforms such as Geometry, Algebra, and similar maths such as Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Decimals, and Percentages.

Read the questions carefully

  • Sometimes if you do not read the questions carefully, this can lead to you doing more work than needed. Keeping your work to a minimum to answer questions without taking any shortcuts will give you more time on the test.

Move on from problems that stump you

  • This is the most important thing of all. We have all taken tests in school where we have found problems that stump us. If you are timed in a test, the best method of approach to handling the questions that stump you is to simply skip these questions and re-visit them at the end of the test. And if you still don’t know the answers, at least fill in the unanswered questions. You might get a few guesses right which will still increase your SAT Reading score.

You will be able to prepare for the test and achieve a great score if you practice.
If you enter the reading comprehension section with a positive attitude and hours of practice, you have a big advantage over the competition on the test day should be able to complete your reading test on time.

The time limit may seem stressful, but getting used to the SAT format early can help to take some of the pressure off you. The trick to conquering your SAT reading area is to find a way to answer each question in just one minute and fifteen seconds. On average, you have one minute and fifteen seconds to answer each question on the satellite reading test. This includes reading time, reading time and the number of questions to be answered.

The SAT practice test allows you to practice each section for as long as you want before you to the actual SAT exam.

If you wish to practice the SAT test, you can take the online practice test here. The more you take this test, The more memorize the answers you will have at your disposal to pull from when taking the real test. This allows you to spend less time questioning and will help you achieve a better time on the test.

If you can simply learn these SAT tips and tricks, you can be sure that you will not have to take the SAT a second time.


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