Happy Holidays From Calgary Home Tutoring

December 1, 2023

Happy holidays from all of us here at Calgary Home Tutoring! With another year of learning behind us, we’re excited about the new opportunities in the new year. And while the year is done, that doesn’t mean your child’s learning is. We appreciate the skills and hard work of our tutors. But we also value the goodwill you have in us for guiding your children through their formative years.

The holiday season is all about fun and festivities, but it can also be an opportunity for kids to keep the learning going. Think of it as keeping their brains gently warmed up rather than letting all that school stuff they've learned cool down completely. It's more about weaving learning into holiday activities rather than sticking to a strict study schedule.

For this reason, we have three easy tips you can use to help your child improve their grades over the holiday season!

1. Improve Sticking Points

Some subjects are naturally more difficult than others. For example, math and algebra usually challenge students the most. If such is the case for your child, make it a priority to work on and improve these sticking points. By doing so, your child will be ready by the time your tutor returns after the holidays!

2. Make Learning Fun! 

Another great approach to keeping learning engaging during the holidays is integrating it with holiday-themed activities. For instance, baking can be fun for exploring math concepts like measurements and fractions. Encourage your child to help measure ingredients, subtly reinforcing their math skills. You could also explore history or cultural traditions by reading about holidays worldwide together. This broadens their knowledge and helps them understand diverse cultures and traditions. 

Craft projects can be another way to learn. Have your child create holiday decorations, where they can apply art skills and even learn about geometry and symmetry. These activities are not only educational but also help in creating memorable holiday experiences. Making learning a part of the holiday fun becomes a seamless and enjoyable part of their break rather than a chore.

3. Use Engaging Activities as Incentives

Let’s face it; we all need incentives from time to time. This notion is no different regarding children. For this reason, it’s a good idea to add fun activities or treats to encourage your child. Here are a few ideas you can try:

  • Holiday treats
  • Tablet time
  • Video games

Spreading the Gift of Knowledge This Holiday

It has been another great year of learning! And we want to thank you for helping make that happen. As our devoted Calgary client, we appreciate your ongoing trust in us to teach and educate your child. It’s both an honour and a privilege. 

Happy holidays and we wish you a happy new year from all of us at Calgary Home Tutoring!


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