Which Online Whiteboard is Better for English Tutoring?

August 25, 2020

For online English tutoring at home, students and teachers alike need a place where they can collaborate, share screens, draw, create diagrams, and send images. A shared document with back-and-forth emails simply won’t do the job.

Below, we’ve listed a few online digital whiteboards that make online English tutoring at home a more effective and smooth experience.

English tutoring at home


Miro is a sophisticated sharing platform that offers something for everyone - from simple free plans to more robust services designed for agencies and entire schools. This collaborative tool allows each class and each student access to their own board where they can work on a web browser or mobile app.

With an unlimited amount of boards, online teachers can share documents, videos, and entire webpages easily and make changes in real-time.

Some of the benefits of Miro for English tutoring includes:

• Infinite canvas where students and teachers are free to create
• Real-time and asynchronous collaboration
• Workflow integration including Google Suite, Dropbox, and Slack
• Enterprise-grade security

A Web Whiteboard

This online tool offers speed and simplicity without the need to create an account or logging in. For teachers in a virtual classroom session who need quick access to a functional whiteboard that they can screen share, A Web Whiteboard is quickly accessible, easy to use, and intuitive.


Scribblar is a popular paid platform that is functional and easy to use. Teachers can upload JPEGs and PDFs right on the platform with the ability to create multiple pages within each classroom as well as a convenient feature that exports PDF copies of class notes to each student.

For English tutoring at home, Scribblar offers:

• Chat and audio features
• A simple and safe platform
• Virtual whiteboard ideal for online tutoring
• First-class support

Off2Class Canvas

Virtual classrooms in this online tool come with Canvas, an unlimited digital whiteboard structured specifically for English classes. Each lesson has its own board, saving online teachers time from having to write the same things for the same lesson. Any notes, images, and YouTube videos are saved every time the lesson is accessed.

Key Takeaways

For online English tutoring in Calgary, students and teachers can enhance their experience with innovative online tools designed specifically for easy collaboration. An online whiteboard fills the gap for productive and interactive learning that closely mimics an in-person classroom.


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