3 advantages of social studies tutoring for students

January 28, 2021

A common misconception about tutoring is that it’s mainly beneficial for subjects like Math and Science. However, did you know that having a social studies tutor can enhance the learning skills you need for other subjects? Keep reading to learn more about the three hidden benefits of social studies tutoring

Why social studies teachers are important

Why social studies teachers are important

1. Enhances critical thinking skills

Thanks to technology, we have access to information at the tips of our fingers which can be a blessing and a curse. While the Internet can provide us with the knowledge we need in a matter of seconds, this information also comes from various sources and authors who have their own perspectives on the subject. 

This highlights the importance of teaching students how to critically assess information. For example, a student is presented with a project on the history of Alberta. While one source may spotlight the positive benefits of growth, another may question whether the growth is sustainable. A social studies tutor teaches students how to evaluate information from all perspectives and consider biases to form their own viewpoints and conclusions. 

This is an important skill to cultivate for students who are preparing to go into post-secondary education and is simply an invaluable strength to have in all areas of life. 

2. Teaches students how to do effective research 

Within the process of accessing information comes the ability to do proper research. In the age of information overload, it can be difficult to discern what is factual. As part of social studies skills tutoring, students learn how to effectively do research and dissect information they can use to back up their arguments.

Research is a necessary skill to have and a social studies tutor understands that this core competence needs to be practiced and developed over time. Students become familiar with the steps required when doing research for a paper or project, and how to present this information to effectively communicate their ideas. 

3. Develops valuable writing skills

Writing involves much more than grammar, punctuation, and spelling. With a social studies tutor, students learn how to structure essays, organize information, and connect ideas. This not only helps simplify the writing process but also teaches students how to present information with supporting details. 

By improving these core competencies, students are better prepared for learning at the post-secondary level. They are better equipped to connect their knowledge with real-world events, which leads to improved academic performance and overall professional growth. 


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