What Online Whiteboard is Best for Math Tutoring?

June 19, 2020

An online whiteboard is recommended for simulating a physical classroom for students taking online math tutoring. The good news is, today’s technology has significantly revolutionized online classrooms around the world.

A quality online whiteboard is one that is simple to use for both the student and the teacher, enhances the learning experience, and allows the ability to collaborate in a large visible format. Below, we’ve included a list of five online whiteboards that are ideal for math tutoring services with Calgary Home Tutoring.

1. Whiteboard Fox

This easy-to-use whiteboard requires zero setups and can be accessed through browser navigation. The blank grid canvas has user-friendly functions like draw, erase, and undo along with other tools. The real-time function of Whiteboard Fox lets users view the changes on their screen as they’re being made, allowing for quick collaboration.

 2. Scribblar

With Scribblar, instructors can create rooms for each student who can see changes in real-time. Scribblar includes an equation editor, making it ideal for online math tutoring, along with easy uploads of JPEGs and PDFs right on the platform.

In addition, this whiteboard provides the ability to have multiple pages within each room, a feature that exports PDF copies of the notes to each student, and a unique room link generation that can be shared with each student.

3. Tutorroom Whiteboard

Often referred to as a meeting site for both tutors and students, this online teaching software is a virtual classroom and learning management system that provides video calling, whiteboard, interactive tools, and more. This integrated software offers overall support for online tutoring services.

4. The Conceptboard

Conceptboard is an online visual collaboration workspace that can be used for online tutoring services. With this tool, you can work collaboratively on complex problems, making it an excellent whiteboard for online math tutoring that requires a sophisticated visual feature. In addition, The Conceptboard allows users to upload images and files directly onto the board.

5. Tutorsbox

Tutorsbox was developed as a web-based e-tutoring solution specifically for tutors and online education. The platform allows tutors to connect with their students and provides access to a wide range of content while giving students the ability to track their performance.

Math tutoring services

With the continued growth of online education in today’s digital world, Calgary Home Tutoring offers online tutoring services that focuses on school-age children and the Alberta curriculum.

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