3 Branches of Elementary School Science an In-House Tutor Will Cover

August 8, 2022

Life is complex, and that’s putting it mildly. It is infinitely complicated beyond belief. And one of the main tools we use to understand our reality is science. From microscopic particles to gargantuan planetary objects, science is our clarifying agent, allowing us to understand more of the world. This notion is crucial to your child’s education.

However, given its inherent complexity, science is a subject that (understandably) stumps many children. It’s at this point that an in-house elementary school science tutor can be of value. At Calgary Home Tutoring, we provide compassionate and caring science tutors to help your child learn at their own pace. 

But you may wonder what will be covered with your child. There are a few branches of this fascinating subject that an elementary school science tutor in Calgary will touch on.

1. Life Science

A branch of science that examines living organisms, life science involves studying biology and living things. This branch of science helps your child understand the world and all its inhabitants, including animals, plant life, and even human beings. Life science is a substantial field of study that offers the sub-branches of agriculture, ecology, and biology. At its root, life sciences’ objective is to learn as much as possible about life on Earth. 

2. Physical Science

Physical science is the branch that studies inorganic agents. This branch refers to non-living materials. An in-house elementary school science tutor will cover how matter works and other universal curiosities. There are four distinct sub-branches of physical science: Earth sciences, such as geology and meteorology, physics, chemistry, and astrology.

3. Earth Science

Earth science is a branch of science that examines the earth's materials and atmosphere. Moreover, your child’s elementary school science tutor in Calgary will cover other aspects of Earth science, including the air, water, and solid Earth properties, which are this captivating subject's research points. However, the main objective of Earth science is to understand the planet’s current attributes and past development to serve humanity better.

Our Curriculum

Each grade presents a different set of science challenges for your child. That’s why we at Calgary Home Tutoring provide in-house science tutors for all grade levels. View the curriculum below for each grade level applicable to your little one. 

Elementary | Grades 2 - 6

The elementary science curriculum follows a simple formula. Your child will learn the basics of the primary science branches, such as:

  • Mechanical systems
  • The earth and beyond
  • Environment and technology
  • Life and living things and more

Junior High | Grades 7 - 9

The junior high science curriculum is similar to the elementary variation. However, the topics delve deeper, and the curriculum becomes more complex. Some of the subjects that your in-house science tutor will cover include:

  • Energy and change
  • Scientific investigation
  • Life and living things
  • Environment and technology

High School | Grades 10 - 12

The science education of your high school child continues with a series of courses. Each one delivers an in-depth overview of the fundamental skills, concepts, and knowledge related to the subject. Some of the courses include: 

  • Science 10: Your child will learn the concepts of matter, change, and energy within the parameters of physics, biology, chemistry, and earth sciences
  • Biology 20: This course covers ecosystems, the biosphere, and human systems such as the digestive system, motor system, immunity, etc. 
  • Physics 20: This course helps your child understand motion physics through algorithmic models and experimentation. The themes in this course include systems, equilibrium, energy, and change. 

What’s Next: Learn About In-house Elementary School Science Tutors

Science can help your child gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. This fact makes the subject of science invaluable to their formal education and development. At Calgary Home Tutoring, we offer science tutoring services for elementary, junior high, and high school students. Contact us today to learn more. 


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