9 Benefits of Having a Private Social Studies Tutor

October 14, 2021

The private tutoring market is projected to grow to an estimated USD $279.3 billion by 2027. And when you look at the advantages tutors can offer their students, a hefty number such as this is not only validated, it’s justified.

Moreover, one of the most commonly requested tutoring subjects is the topic of social studies. This important curriculum teaches students about political ideas, economics, resources as well as culture and government.

But oftentimes, certain students may have a difficult time keeping up with these subjects within the classroom. And if that’s the case, it may be time to find and hire a social studies tutor for assistance.

Here are 9 benefits social studies tutors can provide for kids:

  1. Assists with Learning Barriers

Some children are just not as quick as others, they need more time in addition to more assistance to fully understand certain concepts and ideas. This is normal. And having a patient and empathetic social studies tutor can help your child gain a stronger comprehension of what’s being taught.

  1. Supports Autonomy and Self-Determination

Social studies tutors have the capacity to embolden their students. They encourage personal independence and will help your child grow by accepting responsibility for their work. Unlike in a classroom that’s filled with a myriad of other students, your child will get more personalized attention from a tutor. And this level of close proximity integrated within the student-tutor relationship will lead to more accountability and self-governance on behalf of your child.

  1. Productive Space to Work

While working with a tutor, your child is free from the plethora of distractions that often plague the classroom in school. Fewer students and interruptions make the work space more conducive to learning, concentration, and productivity.

  1. Strengthens Self-Confidence

Once the social studies tutor and your child have had enough one-on-one time, your child will begin to understand the curriculum more deeply. They will answer questions and solve problems more accurately and confidently, and this in turn, will lead to greater self-esteem and self-confidence once your child realizes their own capacity for improvement.

  1. Changes Attitude Toward Learning

Children need to feel acknowledged and praised, and a good tutor will constantly give that necessary validation. As a result, learning will take on a whole new look and feel to your child. They will develop an excitement to learn and improve because of the positive experiences they will soon begin to associate with schoolwork.

  1. Refines Scholastic Performance

Working with a tutor will drastically improve your child’s understanding of the subject matter. The effects of this will become apparent in the child’s grades, and eventually, during tests and exams.

  1. Customized Learning Experience

Kids learn in different ways; some may learn best by hearing information, others may learn by writing it down and analyzing their notes, others may need visual cues to help drive the point home. Good social studies tutors will uncover how your child processes new information, and play to their strengths in order to enhance their learning experience.

  1. Challenges the Child Appropriately

A tutor can determine if the child needs more challenging subject matter and present it to them. Many times, children will abdicate learning simply because what they’re being forced to absorb in class doesn’t challenge them in any way. They’re bored. A tutor can help stimulate their mental faculties and make learning fun by challenging them with new concepts and ideas.

  1. More Focused Attention

With a tutor, more attention is placed on the child and their schoolwork, and this will result in more progress in a short period of time. In a big class, the teacher’s attention is split among a myriad of students. However, a tutor can give all their focus and concentration to your child, which will lead to far greater improvements than if the child remained in the classroom.


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