Preparing for SAT and ACT exams with Calgary Home Tutoring

September 10, 2019

Are you or the student in your life working towards preparing for their SAT or ACT exams? Preparation courses offered through Calgary Home Tutoring are a comprehensive, one on one way to prepare students for these challenging exams. Our SAT and ACT exam preparation courses will teach students beneficial test-taking skills, and improve and enhance their concept knowledge on core subjects. Our programs aim to offer a balanced approach, putting your student first, with a program suitable for their personal needs. Our tutors will offer students the opportunity to grow their skill base through one on one tutoring, online activities, skill development exercises and study habit development.

Learning to write a standardized test is an essential skill all students should learn, develop and master. Unfortunately, this skill is not always developed in-depth in the school setting. Our tutors aim to prepare students to effectively take exams, teaching them the skills necessary to prepare for a variety of exam settings. Our team specializes in preparing students for challenging exams such as SAT’s, ACT’s, private school entrance exams and university entrance exams, and will prepare students to not only master the content but how to manage their time, speed and accuracy when writing their exam.

Our SAT preparation tutoring aims to prepare students to feel confident and prepared for exam day. Leading up to the exam we will work closely with students to develop their academic skills, focusing on their personal needs. Additionally, we will work at developing effective test-taking skills, aiming to reduce your students test stress and/or anxiety. SAT exam preparation equips students with the skills to tackle all aspects of the SAT exam.

Our ACT preparation functions similarly to SAT preparation tutoring. It aims to develop the skills necessary for the student’s individual needs for test day. Tutors will focus on academic skill development, test-taking abilities, and study habits when working with your student. The student experience at Calgary Home Tutoring is well rounded and centred around personal growth, we focus on the needs and goals of each of our individual students.

Our team of tutors at Calgary Home Tutoring comes directly to your home, encouraging students to learn and develop in a comfortable and quiet environment. We offer this form of tutoring as an amenity because we strongly believe that it is important for the student to develop their study skills in the working space that they will spend the majority of their study time. Learning to focus while studying in the home, is an asset.

All of our tutors at Calgary Home Tutoring put the students learning experience first; with extensive tutoring experience, all of our tutors at are equipped to care for the needs of a variety of learning needs and capabilities. Our tutors understand that all students have their own unique way of learning and can help students develop and understand how they learn.


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With over 15 years of experience, we have worked with a large number of students and their families, tutors, teachers, schools, social workers, and police officers. We know our curriculum very well, as well as requirements for acceptance into post secondary institutions. 

Tutoring is all 1-1. We work personally with the students and get to know their families. In some cases quite well. We are providing this service for a reason, and if those needs are not being met it is our job to make sure we fix that.
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